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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  September 7, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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remaining. here is jeff barnd with the "late edition". >> a lot of times you don't think it could happen to you. but it can. >> ttacked in college park. how students at the university of maryland are fighting back. >> we can have it again. >> plan to rescue the economy. price tag on the president's new plan. >> dogs on the run. how this wild chase on the highway, ended. >> and big eaters. the surprising winner, of this competition. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 44 news "late edition".
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jennifer is off tonight. baltimore at this this is the scene of a tripleú it happened near laughiate and all three men are at the hospital as we speak. none of the injuries is believed to be life threatening. >> students at the university f maryland on guard this evening after an emergency crime alert. keith daniels at the college park campus where they are having three mugings in one week. >> police have arrested two %-15-year-old. case, including a but they are still looking for more suspects. and so a warning from campus poliie tonight for students to stay vigilant. now the latest happened at 2:00 sunday morning. police say the student was walking alone, on hartwick road suspectssbeat ann robbed him. >> it is frustrating. very frustrating.
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because you now, you think why would omebody assault a student? i mean they don'' have a lot of money. >> robbery follows two other recent attacks, including an august 29th incident with three five suspects, at a university shuttle bus stop. on august 277h they assaulted three students getting into a car in a hotel parking lot. again, two arrests already made in this case. burpolice warn eight more suspects are still on the loose. in coolege ark, keith daniels,3 fox 45 news "late edition". >> baltimore county police shoot a suspect, at a shopping center. itthappened at about 8:00 this morning in randallstown.ú kings point square. someone called 911, to reeort a man in the parking lot behaving erratically. when the first officer arrived, he was stopped. as soon as he tried to get out of his police cruiser. >> the suspect immediately
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approached the officer, and started to ttack the officer. ttere eventually wws a struggle, over the officer's weapon. at which time a second officer pulled up to the scene, observe3 what was going on. and shot the suspect in the chest. in critical but stable ccndition tonight. >> baltimore county police also3 makiig an arrest in a home invasion. police arrested lavar rich today innnorthwest baltimorr. last month, police ssa he broke into a milford mill home and stooe money, jewelry and guns. police arrested four others connected to the crime. >> baltimore city police saturday night in south baltimore. a man found dead in some woods, near west pptapsco avenue. police calllthe eath suspicious. >> labor ay means parades aad politicians in those parades. and today, both governor
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o'malley, nd former governor ehrlich were looking for votes at the parade in montgomery county. the issue today, bob ehrlich's first tv campaign ad. >> today maryland is in trouble. worse off than four years agg. >> i think ttey are misleeding. over the things that he did -henness office. >> this, from the ppople that blame him for the louisiana oil spill. so i don't take much of what they say with any degree of ssriousness. >> o'malley began to air tv ads back in july. >> the democratic candidates for baltimore county executive are spending big buck os media. the latest campaign finance report indicates that kevin kamenetz spent four times more than bartenfelder, on ads. 700 -- $970,000 compared to $243,000. ú%rtenfelder pent more than kevin kamenetz on campaign signs and brochures. $175,000 compared to just
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33,000. g.o.p. candidate is ring unopposed. the primary is set for september the 14th. >> early voting continued today for the maryland primaries. it is the first time in state history voters can cast ballots before the traditional election day. early voting began friday aad will contiiue through thursday the 9th. also will be available for the general election in november. ann, of course, stay with fox 45 news for thh latest on the mid term elections. go to 2010. >> the state fair is now history. today was the last day to enjoy all the rides, food and shows in timoniuu. fair for this man. bob shirley.ú -e has been helping out at the ú%aaeefair since 1946. anddhe said tradition is what keeps him coming back. >> well, family tradition. my father was work in the horse show department.
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my son has worked in the horse show department here. ú%ves. >> shirley said e hopes to work at a few more fairs in the future. >> grills and fans were fired up for football at m&t bank stadium for a monumental in state rivalry match up. separated by less than 33 miles. ú%t in a crab bowl classic for the 21st time sinne 1905. maryland defeated nnvy 17-14 in this thrilling game. %-highlights coming up in sports in a few more minutes. >> great weather for the gamm and last day of the fair. tony pagnotti is here now wiih a first look at the sky watch >> i tell you hate to see the day end. glorious weather. cannot find a cloud in thh sky. we will have comfortable temperaturrs overnight. we arr at 72 right now. and the dewpoint is low today.
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thht will continueeovernight. and these current temperatures, you can see, very nice, mild. however, tomorrow, mother nattre said unofficial last day of %-humiiity is on the increasee3 there. -3 at lunch time. and then by the end of the day, downtownn be pushing 90 degrees we will be keeping this heat wave going through the middle of september. my full forecast is coming up in a bit. >> unbelievvble once again this %-than a million dollars forre jerry's kids. nationwide the jerry lewis telethon raised nearly $59 milliin. that's less than the $$0 million raised last year. set back in 2008. jerry lewis said he is imprrssed ú% people's abiiities to give evennwhen they are struggling financially during these tough times. >> your avorite stars get
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glamed up to look great on the red carpet. but have you ever wondered what they smell like? thanks to a british tabloid you can smell it now. sun released a fragrans called the buzz. meant to caature he essenceeof the famous. >> it was the thing of always being an anticipation. i thought the scent needed to have, to open with something like an excitement to it. which the citrus material has. becaase ttey are liveey and then make it feminine but not girly.3 a womanly scent. >> he hopes the perfume has universal appeal and makes every woman feel like a superstar. >> we used to have the best infrastructure in the world. we can have it again. >> president obama laying out the plan to simulate the u.s. economy. what he said will get america
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back on track. >> chasinn speeding dogs. how this unusual highway pursuit came to an end. and elite eaters.
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>> president obama spending labor day in the state of wisconsin announcing a plan that he said would get more people back to work. mike emmanuel said that the
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president ii banking on a long-term spending program to improve america's infrastructure. >> president obama laid out his plan to stimulate the economy by popping some $50 billion into roads, railway and runways. >> i want ameeica to have the best infrastructure, in the world. we used to have the best infrastructure in the world..3 we an have it again. >>the plan will call for rebuilddng 150,000 miles of road. construct tor maintain 4000 miles of rails across the country. and rehabilitate or reconstruct 150 miles of runway. >> we want to set up an infrastructure bank to leverage federal dollars and focuu on smartest investmmnts. continue the strategy to build high speed rail network that reduces congestion and travel ú%me. and harmful emissions. >> proposal would require approval from congress, which is highly uncertain with manyy3 lawmakers and voters worried about adding to federal deficits
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that are already sky lie. president made infrastructure investments part of the $800 billion stimulus bill ú%ngress past last year. but officials admit the program ú%uld not create jobs unnii some time next year. senator mccain talked about the former adversaries handling of the campaign on sunday. >> policies failed. created or saved but when they passed the package they said unemployment would be a maximum of 8 percent. now it is 9.6 percent..3 enough said. >> white house official said they woold consider closing (inaudible). >> traveling with the president in milwaukee, mike emmanuel. fox news. >> okay. here is the uestion of the day. do you approve f the way the president is handling the u.s. economy? so far 33 percent say yes. 67 percent say no. bruce writes. president obama is out of his league. when ittcomes to the economyy at no time in his life has he
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been in charge of anything. and it is showing now. but rc writee. the lattst plans seemú caaculateed to add jobs and improve our country's infrastructuree he has he right plan in mind. >> >> strong winds caused the colorado wild fire to get out of control. residents northwest of boulder colorado, were told to evacuate as the flames spread quickly. the smoke could be een for parts of the highway were %-no reports, however, of any injuries and that's good news out west. >> aapolice chase of a different kind on a alifornia highway. earlier todayy this morning, as a matter of fact. a pair of dogs ran down the freeway. officers tried to lure the canines off the road. an off-ramp.hey made the way to they were not injured. no word on who they belong to, or how they ven got out in the first place. >> and what is a holiday without this one took place in buffalo new york where they were eating, what else.
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buffalo wings. eating champion joey chestnut took part. but the wiiner, was the so-called black widow of eating. %-gobbling up 181 wings, in onl3 12 minutes. that's incredible. of any kind here in maryland. tony pagnotti is here with a look at the sky watch forecast. as long as we are down friendd3 soniaathomas. >> all 100 pounds of her. eating all of those wings. she can out eat me. ú%at's sooething. i hope you enjoyed the scrumptious labor day weee. mother nature id her est to make it one of the finest i can reeall in history. bbck-to-back beautiful days. there is a live picture of our skkcam right now. downtown.3 things are quieting own after a wonderful labor day. 72 degrees. document is comfortable at 60. hit 82 at the airport. inner harbour was 84. we should be at 81. no rain in the bucket. we're not going to have any over
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the next several days. is 63 in oakland. 75 down at the inner harbour. 67 across the way. in dover. look at these dew points. tonight, thhy are in the 50s. that's very comfortable. so open up the windows. do not need air conditioning tonight. but different story later in the afternoon tomorrow. as the high pressure system starts tor pull some southerly air in our direction. the moisture, umidity, will feel more oppressive than today. but still summer like, on this last unofficial day of summer. 86 degrees with a lot of sunshine tomorrrw. oo the eastern shore. winds southeast at five to 10. here in central maryland. i will post 89 for the daytime high. burdon't be surprised if e hit winds. five to 10 miles pee hour. and in western maryland. a little cooler, deep creek lake this weekend. they enjoyed it. 83 tomorrow. with some sunshine. winds starting out of the north and shifting south at 5 miles per hour.
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62 degrees for the overnight low temperature. so you will be noticing tonight, one last night we will really be able to enjoy the low hhmidity. cool temperatures. winds out of the south five to 10. and overnight, we will start to see the southerly flow come in to play. that's why by midday tomorrow, but then the humidity and thoseú dew points get into theemid 60s. feel more uncommortable and summer like ironic enough, after the last day of summer today. unofficially. wednesday, again, i am thinking probabll neaa 90 degrees as we get closer to theeday's end. and frontal boundary thursday. real pallry chance of a shower, maybe, and 79 degrees. it will cool down the temperature. another 78 on friday. and then saturday, 2 degrees. look at these overnight tempeeatures.3ú sunset at 7:28 tomorrow. so the days are getting shhrter. so enjoy, enjoy. -eff? >> all right toney ttank you. maryland fisherman makes one
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heck of a cctch. in the potomac river. wiily dean reeled in an 8-foot bull ssark wednesday. he and several others were ii the river, near point look out state park. about half a mile from shhre. it is the first bulllsharr caught in the region, since the mid 1970s. >> i seen this findown there,,3 and i said, it is big..3 i don't know what it is. what kind. but it is big. >> dean who admits he certainly is not a member of peta. plans to get the head mounted and may sample some shark meat for supper. >> very thrilling ending to the -avy marylan
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>> for the first time in five %-off in the crab owl classic. at m&t bankkstadium this afternoon. back in 2005. maryland took the lead in the3 final minute of he game. it was a thrilling finish. so how woold today's game compare? i have one word for you. and jeff barnd, epic. ú%rst quarter. terps with a lead.
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mega gets the carry. burst through the line. past midfield. inside of the 15, before he isú taken down. 67 yards. on the run. anddhe punched in froo 3 yards out to give maryland a two touchdown lead. terps fans go crazy. second quarter. navy on the board. bird takes the pitch. goes around the end. and tip oes into the end zone for six. navy down 14-7. with 12 seconds left in the half. navy has no time out.ú dobbs runs nd stops short of the first down. so the clocc runs out and navy goes into the half empty hhnded. ken upset with the quarterback. and going into the locker room, he explodes on the referee. making contact. he was upset with the time runoff. at the start offthe second half. coach cleared the air with the ref. move to the fourth. game tied at 14. bolttlined uu for the first career field goal attempt. splits the upright, on the kick.
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to give the terps the lead. and 37 seconds left. down three. navy decides to go for the win. instead of the tying field goal. maryland's defense holds. -obbs is stopped short. ann maryland upsets navy, 11-14 in the crab bowl classic. all the talk aaterwards was about the decision to go for it. >> i am noo going to second guessken. iithey made the right decision. i am veey happy we won. but i am proud of my players. for the way they hung in there. >> probably a bad call on my part. to go for it at the end. so you have to put thhebiggest fault is my fault. you know, could have kicked the game and put it in overtime. see what happens. %->> just when you think the ravens are done making moves. they brrng in another big name player. %hey added to theereceiving %-and thissis a face that is
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familiar to ravens' fans. t.j. houshmandzadeh signs a3 one-year deal worth $850,000. he was released over the weekend by the seahawks. and most around here remember t.j. houshmandzadeh from his -ays in cincinnati. where he regularly torched the raaens. last year in seattle he had 79 reception phos911 yards, and 3 scores. the ravvns trading recciver clayton to the rams for undisclosed draft picc to make room on the roster. backkto you. >> canines in costuue. the evvnt in history that caused these dachshunds to get dressed up. it's the fusion proglide challenge.
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>> the unofficial last dave summer. do not tell mother nature. she has heat and humidity for us tomorrrw. 90 dontown. same wednesday. cold front comes through. mid to upper 70s. really no chance of rain. any percentage of rain does not come until sunday. 40 percent chance. then temperatures will moderate. hopeeyou enjoy the wonderful labor day weather. >> toney thank you. you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at just use the interactive tools to track storms down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. >> and finally tonight.
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weiner dogs, on parade. dozens of dachshhuds dresssd in midevil battle costumes took to the streets of pooand this weekend. event marked the 600 anniversary of the battle of groupwald that the dachshunds encountered the invasions of shih-tzuu, it was ugly. and participants won awards for their costumes. look at them. edition.ú thank you for joining us. up next, is that 70s show and tune in to morning news, tomorrow, starting at 5 a.m. uutil then, goodnight. real time closed captioning pr
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